AstraZeneca faces questions from U.S. health officials over vaccine data

Confidence in AstraZeneca COVID vaccine

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - AstraZeneca officials say today they’re standing by the results of their clinical trial on a new COVID vaccine. This comes a day after concerns that the data from the trial may have been outdated and incomplete. AstraZeneca says they hope to file for an emergency use authorization sometime in April.

And this, on the heels of concerns that the AstraZeneca vaccine was possibly linked to blood clots in patients. So how does this all impact the public’s confidence in the vaccine process?

Dr. Mary McIntyre with the Alabama Department of Public Health tells us its early to know if what’s taking place now will impact public confidence. She says if you remember, the effective numbers will Pfizer and Moderna fluctuated early on. It was then determined that both are safe and effective.

McIntyre says we’ll need to let the emergency use authorization play out with AstraZeneca when it happens.

“When it does that, they will have confirmed numbers. What I tell people is kind of like all the initial stuff when you are looking at things that are still going through the process. The numbers change. It did with the others,” Dr. McIntyre, Chief Medical Officer with ADPH said.

The back and forth right now with AstraZeneca and the independent oversight board will more than likely have the FDA taking a much closer look at this particular vaccine if the company seeks emergency authorization.

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