Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office working to “humanize the badge” and better recruitment levels

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 5:45 PM CST
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COLUMBIANA, Ala. (WBRC) - Law enforcement recruitment numbers are down all across the country but the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is creating a new ad campaign to better recruiting numbers, and “humanize the badge.”

They want to show that the men and women in uniform are people just like you. It is also about correcting stereotypes, and showcasing that no matter the background, if you have a desire to serve, you should consider a career in law enforcement.

“We are people just like you. Our job title may be different but our hearts are the same as yours and we go out every day to try and make a difference,” said Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Investigator David Pressley

In the new ad campaign, close to a dozen deputies will share their path to law enforcement, battling the perception that it is only ex-military enlistees.

“There is not a one size fits all to do this job. We want to spotlight the broad, diverse backgrounds of our professionals at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office,” said Major Clay Hammac.

By spotlighting employees such as Deputy Buford, or as the kids at Mt. laurel Elementary call him, “The gentle giant,” Major Hammac hopes to reverse negative hiring trends.

Their new social and advertising campaign will run towards Christmas.
Their new social and advertising campaign will run towards Christmas.(Shelby County Sheriff's Office)

“We do see a decrease in those who do want to pursue law enforcement as a career so what we are trying to do is pull back the curtain and unveil some of the realities of what this profession is truly about,” said Major Clay Hammac.

Investigator David Pressley didn’t immediately join law enforcement. He even ventured to Ukraine and served as a missionary before going back to school years ago. His only hope is that the new campaign convinces those with a good heart to join the force.

“We very much need qualified individuals who have a heart for service to come to the sheriff’s office. Efforts like this, help us get the word out and recruit people who are like minded and want to serve the community,” said Pressley.

The commercial and social media push is expected to begin around Christmas this year. Applications can be found by clicking here. The pay varies based on experience, but for those without experience, it begins at $55,000.

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