Bottled water drive organized for people in Reform

West Alabama town getting help with water problems

REFORM, Ala. (WBRC) - Northport City Councilman Woodrow Washington felt compelled to do something after learning the trouble people in Reform were having with their water.

“Once the message comes out that you’re boiling water we all know it’s an issue,” Washington said.

Now, Washington has organized a bottled water drive. He and others with Academics in Action, a non-profit affiliated with Northport’s Robert Hassan Community Center, are collecting bottled water to give to people in Reform.

“Mainly just trying to lookout for our neighbors, as city councilman you know, they visit our city. They spend money with us and they’re our neighbors,” Washington explained.

Last week, we told you how Reform’s city engineer said a car crash broke a fire hydrant draining water from Reform’s reserves. Leaks in the water system made it hard to bring water levels back up. That left people living in higher elevations in Reform without running water.

Washington got the West Alabama Food Bank to donate four pallets of water earlier this week. But he believes more water is still needed.

“Anything helps. So if its 5 more cases, 10 more cases, just whatever we can do to help.”

You can call (205) 826-0288 if you’re interested in donating bottled water to people in Reform.

WBRC also reached out to Reform’s Mayor and the city engineer for an update on where things stand with the town’s water problems.

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