Movie stunt team filming in Birmingham says this is 'Every little kids dream come true'

Movie stunt team filming in Birmingham says this is 'Every little kids dream come true'

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A car flies through downtown Birmingham, flips into the air, and lands upside down on it's hood.

The man driving it, is applauded.

"This is every little kids dream come true to do this kind of stuff on a film set and get paid for it," explains  Kevin Watterman. He is the one who was behind the wheel, and is the Assistant Stunt coordinator for the movie "LIVE"

The action packed flick staring Actor Aaron Eckhart has been filming in downtown Birmingham all month and has included chases, explosions, gunfire and crashes.

Crews even tried out a new hamster wheel like apparatus they created to make a car roll multiple times in one take.

Watterman has been doing stunts for movies for a decade and says its as intense as it is fun. “There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of prep that goes in to it. There’s are a lot of experienced guys that are prepping it and planning for it calculating what it will take to get it to that mark and get it right the first time because we only have one shot. It’s a whole team effort. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work but when it goes right it’s a great feeling.”

Stunt Performer Ronny Mathew is part of that team. "This team is a very consistent team that works together,"says Mathew. He was originally brought on as a mechanic.

"They had a lot of car stunts going on and there wasn't a good mechanic support team. They brought me on because I specialize in BMWs. I fixed it and helped them do a lot of work, and they appreciated the work and now I am a part of their team," says Mathew.

Both men say working and filming in Birmingham has been a pleasure.

"Birmingham is great. I am hoping we come back more for more film work. We have been talking to producers about it. They like filming here. There is not a lot of traffic, everything is close, it looks like it could be a bigger city and there a lot a of advantages to filming here no doubt."

They plan to wrap up filming next week. Until then, you can continue to expect road closures and crews in downtown. You can out more here.

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