BJCTA gives update on Birmingham Rapid Transit System

Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 8:33 AM CST
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The City of Birmingham is just a few months away from getting commuters around the Magic City faster.

City leaders are hoping people will be able to ride the big orange bus this summer but like so many other big projects, the pandemic has thrown a wrench in progress.

City leaders are hoping the Birmingham Rapid Transit System will be ready in time for the World Games running east to west from Woodlawn to Five Points West.

“Most of the major construction has been completed on the West and that’s the Five Points West Transit Station and now we are continuing to do the construction work for the platforms in between the West throughout the downtown area,” said Executive Director and CEO of BJCTA, Charlotte Shaw.

She said overall, the project is about 70% complete with the East Woodlawn Station about 50% complete and finishing touches going on platforms.

“This month actually, you should start seeing the shelters installed on top of the platforms throughout the city right now going East to West that are pretty empty, but they won’t be empty long because you’ll start to see it come together now,” Shaw explained.

She said she’s pleased with the progress so far but said the timeline has shifted because of the pandemic.

The City of Birmingham received a $20 million federal grant to fund the project and the city matched the amount.

But the budget has grown to $60 million to meet the demands of workers.

“We’ve been affected by the pandemic just like any other industry and any other transit agency, but what has hurt us in terms of delivery has been the supply chain issues and construction companies are busy. They have so many options and so many companies they can choose from who they do the work for. So, we too had to compete for the business to get a good company to come in and actually perform the work,” Shaw said.

BJCTA is looking for drivers for the Rapid Transit System.

To apply visit,


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