Could New Year’s Resolutions Be Bad For You?

Dr. Klapow on resolutions

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Making it through 2020 is an accomplishment all own it’s on, so one local psychologist asks, why to add New Year’s resolutions that you probably won’t finish.

Dr.Josh Klapow says making life choices this time of year is not always a great idea.

“You should make a change when you want and why you want, not because of a day on the calendar,” said Klapow.

Klapow encourages you to make changes for the better, but do it on your own time, not just because everyone else is doing it.

According to Klapow, it’s standard for people to take on too much when creating their resolution list.

“Look at what you want to change and start there, don’t let the outside pressure drive your decision because you will be less successful if you’re doing it based on what others think,” said Klapow.

“Don’t punish yourself if you slip up while trying to make changes; remember nobody is perfect, and keep pushing forward,” said Klapow.

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