Birmingham mayor: We now have an outright ban on chokeholds

8 Can't Wait report

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin announced an outright ban on the use of chokeholds in the city of Birmingham.

The ban on chokeholds, which were not part of the city use of force training, is one of two immediate opportunities Woodfin and leaders found as a result of an internal review into the Birmingham Police Department.

Woodfin is also adding direct language to the use of force policy which is “duty to intervene as a rule and regulation for BPD officers.”

Woodfin said the remaining rules and regulations meet the 8 Can’t Wait Framework.

The changes are part of that 30-day review between the mayor’s office and community partners that looks at police transparency and accountability measures.

The internal review was pursuant to the 8 Can’t Wait Framework.

The next step is a 90-day deeper drive into all the Birmingham Police Department’s rules and procedures. At the end of the 90-day review, Woodfin will use an executive order addressing any gaps between what officers are doing now and best practices.

Also Tuesday, Woodfin announced the formation of the Birmingham Public Safety Task Force which will examine additional areas of improvement for the Birmingham Police Department.

Mayor Woodfin and City Councilman Hunter Williams will co-chair the task force. They will be joined by other local men and women leaders.

Williams said the task force will be part of an open dialogue and not a one-way conversation. The task force will issue a roadmap for improvement.

You can send ideas to the Birmingham Public Safety Task Force at

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