Tua’s father talks about a ‘tough decision’ and God’s plan for his son

Tua's father talks to WBRC Fox6

ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) - “It’s been a crazy two weeks.”

Tua Tagovailoa’s father, Galu, said he was finally able to relax Tuesday following his son’s decision to join the NFL draft. It’s a decision that has garnered worldwide attention.

Galu Tagovailoa spoke with Christina Chambers Tuesday afternoon about what he calls a tough decision following Tua’s season-ending hip injury.

Tagovailoa said he believes the decision is part of God’s plan, and he and his family have prayed for weeks for guidance.

Tagovailoa reflected back on the time before the University of Alabama saying Tua’s signing and the family’s move to Alabama was a real leap of faith. Tagovailoa said he and his wife left their jobs and their families to come to Alabama to support their son.

When asked about Tua’s announcement Monday morning, Tagovailoa said Tua told them his decision before the news conference, his mom broke down, they teared up and then prayed on it.

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