Safety improvements coming to Tuscaloosa train trestle

Train trestle concerns in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - A big safety project in Tuscaloosa could usher in tons of economic development for the city’s west end.

This project is expected to open up the old M&O railroad trestle than runs right next to the Tuscaloosa amphitheatre. That railroad track is still in operation today but the section of Jack Warner Parkway that runs underneath it is so narrow large trucks, especially fire trucks, have a hard time squeezing through.

The multi-million dollar project will open up the bridge. It will also be reinforced with steel and concrete and look similar to what’s at the Tuscaloosa amphitheatre.

Maddox says the railroad project will make things a lot safer.

“There are times when we have large trucks that shouldn't be on that roadway trying to navigate an 11-foot span. That’s dangerous for them. It’s dangerous for our community especially when you have environmental hazards being rolled across right near an amphitheater that can have seven to eight thousand people,” Maddox said.

Mayor Maddox says once the railroad project is complete, it will also open up over 100 acres of undeveloped land that will be used to help grow west Tuscaloosa. Maddox says that area is about 4 times the size of downtown and prime for economic development.

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