Mountain Brook woman confronts burglar

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 7:05 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Mountain Brook is still anxious after walking in on a burglar this past Tuesday afternoon at her home.

Danielle Yancey came home from taking her dog to the vet. She went inside and walked through her closet when she noticed some possessions had been disturbed. When she got to her husband’s closet that’s when the burglar appeared. “As soon as he said wait, wait. I started immediately yelling at the top of lungs, police, police, police.” Yancey said.

The burglar was caught on security video. At first you see the man casing the house. After walking around, he eventually finds a rock and breaks one of the windows to get inside. Yancey was on the phone with her parents when she confronted the burglar. She first runs back to the laundry room with her dog and locks the door. “I was trying to hold it with my foot, to get off the phone with my parents and call the police immediately.” Yancey said.

She eventually got out of the house. The burglar also left. He is young, wearing a Titleist golf cap,a t-shirt as well as some sort of gloves. A few days later Yancey said she is still shaken by the break-in. “It’s still so scary. I’m still on adrenaline thinking about it. Going over and over in my head. What should I’ve done differently.” Yancey said.

Mountain Brook Police told her she did the right thing getting out of the house. Even with the surveillance cameras ,Yancey and her husband have increased security so that their home is even safer

Yancey said neighbors are also shocked at the break-in. Many admit to leaving their cars and homes unlocked at times. The burglary is causing them to rethink their security. She is thankful to the Mountain Brook Police Department for all the help. Anyone with information about this crook contact the Mountain Brook Police Dept.

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