Lipscomb police chief warns about railroad crossings without warning signals

Boosting safety at dangerous crossings

LIPSCOMB, Ala. (WBRC) - Driving over train tracks can be dangerous, even more so at night, especially in Lipscomb, where several crossings have no warning signals.

Lipscomb police started a campaign called “Operation Iron-Horse Lookout “ to warn people crossing the tracks to be extra cautious.

"Iron is heavy. It’s steel. Can’t stop. Unstoppable,” Police Chief Mareshah Moses said in reference to vehicles or people versus trains.

Chief Moses said several railroad crossings in Lipscomb do not have warning signals, only signs. We counted at least three crossings without warning signals on Avenue H alone. But, Moses said there are more.

The campaign involves police officers doing community outreach at crossings all over town. Officers will hand out cards with tips on how to safely cross a railroad.

Chief Moses said drivers should use their senses for their safety.

“Look, listen and proceed with caution,” said Moses. “Never try to cross the tracks unless you can get all the way across," Police Chief Moses said.

Moses said he reached out to the owner of the railroad, CSX, but has not heard back. Moses said he’d like to have warning signals installed through Lipscomb.

We reached out to CSX, they sent us this message:

The railroad does not make decisions about active warning devices to control motoring traffic at highway-rail grade crossings. Those decisions are the responsibility of state and local road authority.

We also reached out to state leaders about the issue. We did not immediately hear back.

“Operation Iron-Horse Lookout” began Monday.

Chief Moses said announcements on when officers will be out at railroad tracks with flyers will be posted to the departments Facebook page.

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