Yum Yum: Pig ears, sour dirt for sale at Hello Market in Bessemer, Ala.

VIDEO; Hello Market sells sour dirt

BESSEMER, Ala. (WBRC) - Jacqueline Thomas does her very best to visit the Hello Market in Bessemer and buy some sour dirt. Yes, you read correctly, sour dirt straight off the mountain, or some packaged sour dirt out of Georgia.

“It is good stuff,” said Thomas. “My grandma ate it when I was younger and I got hooked on it, and now and then I get a craving to have to eat some sour dirt. It is just so good.”

Sour dirt is one of the many different products that is sold at the Hello Market, which also has a butcher who can slice up pig ears, pig feet, pig tails, oxtails, goat meat, you name it - are sold there.

Hello Market has been in business since the 1970′s. It opened up first as the 12th Avenue Supermarket and later Breeze Supermarket before a third name change to Hello Market. It is located at 2729 12th Avenue North Bessemer, AL 35020. You can give them a call at 205-425-6990.

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