Dr. Tom Edwards “Doing Good” at Hope Health Center

Doing Good: Dr. Tom Edwards

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Dr. Tom Edwards meets with about a dozen patients every day who come to the Hope Health Center in Fairfield for low cost, accessible health care. 85% of them are receiving government aid or are uninsured and many are elderly or disabled.

They come from all over the Birmingham area because they know they will not be turned away. This is more than a non-profit clinic; it’s a mission.

Dr. Edwards founded the clinic fifteen years ago after he and his family returned from ten years serving as Christian missionaries in West Africa. His wife, Connie, now manages the practice and they are joined by Dr. Ben Davidson. There is also a part time dentist, an optometrist and a counselor available.

Dr. Edwards says it is his faith that led him to Fairfield. He explains, “It’s not a simple life. It’s hard at times but there’s a deep contentment and peace and even a joy in that. It’s something the world doesn’t give and it truly is, as we are made in Gods image, that it truly is better, more blessed to give than to receive.”

Sometimes the waiting room is filled with broken lives looking for hope. They find it in The Hope Health Center which relies on donations to cover half the costs. Dr. Edwards relies on his faith even when his patients' stories break his heart. “Sometimes I cry. I could cry right now. It does it breaks your heart but I’m open to that. I want them to break my heart because I want to feel and care about them that way and that’s God working through me.” He says, "It’s frustrating. It’s hard but in the end, we see the Lord is working. We see him working on our patients but we see him even more working on us.

We salute Dr. Tom Edwards for “Doing Good” at the Hope Health Clinic in Fairfield.

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