Anniston Goal Post neon sign to be restored, displayed at another restaurant

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - Anniston's landmark Goal Post Bar-B-Q sign will stay in Anniston after all, and be restored. In fact, it's back with its original family.

The Pruett family, the original owners of the Goal Post and current owners of Betty's Bar-B-Q on South Quintard, confirms they will restore the sign and display it at Betty's.

Cindy Pruett says she's excited to have the sign in her possession, as the longtime restaurant goes under the wrecking ball this week.

"I was born in 1961 and it was there when I was born," she said.

The Goal Post Bar-B-Q, once listed among Alabama restaurants where you must eat before you die, opened in the 1950s and later changed locations. Its legendary neon sign—which depicted a football player kicking a field goal, as orange neon lights lit up from the sign to the building—was originally a product of Anniston's Noble Sign Company, which was known for making such signs for businesses like drive-in theaters.

While the letters lit up as recently as 2012, the orange footballs haven't worked since a straight line wind storm in 2009.

The restaurant's current owners sold the property last fall, and the building is being razed to make way for a Verizon Wireless dealer. The sign was removed from the property on Tuesday.

Mayor Vaughn Stewart says he's been interested in saving the sign and keeping it in Anniston ever since the restaurant closed. The sign will remain in the city's public works shop on McClellan Boulevard until Cindy Pruett and her family can take possession of it and began the long, expensive process of restoring it.

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