Motocross park opening in Piedmont aims to bring community together

Motorcross park opens in Piedmont

PIEDMONT, Ala. (WBRC) - A new attraction brings more outdoor recreation to East Alabama. Today, the owner of Foothills Motocross and Park, Russell Williamson, cut a ribbon on his new business.

It’s an unusual one for rural Calhoun County, but one specifically aimed at a demographic as young as four and as old as seventy.

Williamson, an Atlanta native, says he chose Piedmont because his wife is from there and he saw the site on a visit to the area. “We thought what better way than to have people operate motorbikes outside, which is big in this community, and give them a place to actually ride, at a good price, and they could have some family fun, bring families together,” Williamson says. The park also has camping amenities and is being marketed as a venue for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.

Foothills Motocross and Park
Foothills Motocross and Park (Source: wbrc)

It has an event scheduled for his weekend and the owner is already brainstorming other ideas for future events.

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