In Bibb County, one in four a ‘very high risk’ for COVID-19

Bibb County listed 'very high risk' for COVID

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Bibb County EMA Director Kirk Smith described what worries state health officials. “Coronavirus is a different monster. Of course, we’re dealing with sickness, we’re dealing with public panic, fear,”

“Tuesday of last week, we had 444 cases. Had 112 in the last 14 days,” Smith continued.

Bibb County is one of only four counties the Alabama Department of Public Health still considers a very high risk for COVID-19.

The ADPH puts a county in the red if the number of coronavirus cases is staying the same or increasing. “We knew sooner or later Bibb County would surge. Last few weeks we have surged. But we’re responding well,” Smith continued.

Smith, Bibb County’s EMA Director for the last five years, pointed out he’s seen more people wearing face coverings when they’re around towns like Centreville these days. And he said people are taking advantage of COVID testing opportunities at Bibb Medical Center and drive through clinics that have been available.  

“All you can do is continue to educate the public. Continue to encourage them to follow CDC guidelines and just do the best we can,” Smith concluded.

Bibb County has had 490 people test positive for coronavirus since March 28. Five of those people died.

Bibb Medical Center currently has 6 patients that are being treated there for COVID-19.

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