Ivey issues new measures for health care providers, hospitals, jails

Ivey issues new measures for health care providers, hospitals, jails
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WBRC) - Governor Ivey issued a fifth supplemental state of emergency Thursday in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Below is an overview of that document from the Governor’s office:

  • Sections I and II “cut red tape” for the medical field to prepare for a potential strain on existing resources
  • First, we’re cutting red tape for health care providers.
    • “Expanded scope of practice” for health care professionals - This will relax, but not eliminate, the degree of supervision required for certain non-MD health care professionals to care for patients.
    • Out-of-state health care practitioners – allows expedited process for out-of-state pharmacists, nurses, and doctors to obtain temporary licenses to practice in Alabama
    • Expedited reinstatement of medical licenses – allows retired doctors, and others who left the profession in good standing, to return to practice
  • Second, we’re cutting red tape to expand health care facilities.
    • II.A – requires SHPDA to allow for temporary expansion of nursing homes and hospitals.
    • II.B – Pharmacy Board can expedite procedures to establish temporary pharmacies.
  • Section VI is another measure we’ve implemented to reduce the likelihood of COVID transmission in jails without undermining public safety.

Part of that order allows the release of parole or probation violators who have been in jail for more than 20 days without a hearing.

You can read the entire proclamation here:

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