What you need to know about junction changes for the new I-59/20 bridges

59/20 bridges back open: What eastbound drivers need to know

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The rebuilt I-59/20 bridges will get their first test of rush hour traffic Tuesday morning, and it’s important to remember the expansion brought some commute changes.

If you’re coming from east Birmingham headed to downtown, the exit to 22nd Street will remain closed. You now have 126 B that will take you downtown to the BJCC.

59/20 bridges back open: What westbound drivers need to know

If you’re coming from west Birmingham headed eastbound to downtown - be aware of the interstate split.

If you’re trying to head to Atlanta, stay in the far left lane.

If you’re headed to I-65, the interstate will split and you’ll need to take the 124 B exit. You can take the 124 A exit on the far right to head to 6th Avenue North and Downtown.

If you’re nervous about missing an exit with the changes, you can use your GPS navigation App. ALDOT officials say they have been in contact with navigation systems to make sure the apps are updated to show openings.

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