New law in Hoover will change how restaurants serve alcohol

New brunch law passed in Hoover

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -Will Duncan bartends at the Clubhouse Restaurant at Ross Bridge. He grew up in Auburn where they recently passed a new law allowing Sunday alcohol sales before noon.

“Of course, after football games and during NFL football season it would bring a ton of business. I remember missing out on so much being a bartender working Sunday mornings,” says Duncan.

A similar change now in Hoover--restaurants and hotels can now serve starting at 10 am Sundays. Duncan says this has been a long time coming.

“Especially golfers cause they want to get bags of beer to go and we also have a brunch from 6:30 to 2, we extended our brunch hours on Sundays because we’re doing like a Bloody Mary bar and what’s brunch without a Bloody Mary?”

Business owners came to council member John Lyda after seeing the state vote to let cities make changes regarding alcohol sales without state approval.

“They came to me and said look, we would love this opportunity in Hoover too, to really give us a competitive advantage when we’re trying to get restaurant business or tourism business into the city,” says Lyda.

Duncan says he’s not in charge of the numbers, but estimates this would boost business across the board.

“It would add a couple hundred extra dollars on at least our sales, would help us out a lot, but would help the resort as a whole as well” says Duncan.

The changes take effect this Sunday.

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