Woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs at Bessemer movie theatre

Allegations of bedbugs at theater

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A Fairfield woman claims she was bitten by bed bugs at a movie theater in Bessemer.

The woman, Crystal Crawford, tells WBRC FOX6 News she wants the theater to be held accountable as she faces bills for cleaning and exterminating her home.

We spoke to Crawford outside her home in Fairfield because she didn’t want to go inside, fearing she would infest her home with bed bugs.

"I’m angry. You [movie theater personnel] go home at night and sleep comfortably. I’m at home just thinking about it. I get the feeling things are crawling around,” said Crawford.

Crawford claims she went to Premiere Cinema 14 Promenade in Bessemer Saturday night to see the movie The Intruder. Crawford says she was almost instantly attacked by bed bugs.

"As I sat back, I could feel the stinging," said Crawford. She looked around and in the crevice of the seat, Crawford claims she saw dozens of bed bugs.

She took pictures of the bugs and her arm.

A Fairfield woman claims she was bitten by bedbugs at a movie theatre in Bessemer.
A Fairfield woman claims she was bitten by bedbugs at a movie theatre in Bessemer.

“I have welts everywhere on my arm,” explained Crawford.

Crawford says she complained to management, who she says, offered her an antihistamine and two free movie passes. Crawford claims the manager refused to give her his name.

Concerned about disease and in pain Crawford went to get checked out by a doctor.

“It was stinging and burning. The doctor told me it was inflamed and had fever in it. I ended up getting two shots,” said Crawford.

Two days later, Crawford said she was facing thousands of dollars in bills to have her home exterminated.

“I have to come out of my pocket which I don’t think is fair,” Crawford complained.

Premiere Cinemas released this statement:

Crawford stands by her claims.

"If I got bitten and they’ve been in that chair, how long have they been in that chair,” Crawford said.

Crawford has filed a complaint with the department of health. She has also hired an attorney.

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