I-59/20 bridge project construction workers experience payroll issues

Working out payroll issues for 59/20 project

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Construction workers on the I-59/20 bridge project received their paychecks Friday, but not in a normal fashion.

Earlier on Friday, we were told by employees and relatives they were upset the checks were not deposited into their bank accounts like normal. Some say there have been ongoing problems, especially getting paid for overtime.

Workers were on the job Friday, but some say folks would just stand around and not work until they got paid.

The payroll problems could hinder the I-59/20 bridge project, which is massive and has caused traffic jams for drivers.

“Its quite inconvenient, sometimes horrible. Sometimes getting to work can be frustrating.” said driver Ada Eta.

Johnson Brothers Project Executive Tim Winn released the following statement in relation to the payroll issues:

“Johnson Bros. is in the final stages of implementing an advanced payroll system to handle a project of this pace and magnitude. Employees will be attending a workshop today with members of our payroll department to ensure that this system is working correctly. All employees will be paid any amounts due by close of business today."

ALDOT worked to find the problem with payroll much of the day. WBRC Fox6 News was told ALDOT believes the company will fix the problem.

Drivers certainly hope so.

“Oh, I really want to see it done as fast as possible. Go about our normal business so we won’t have to deal with all of this traffic,” Eta said.

Some construction workers told us they were notified late last night there was going to be problem with automatic deposit, but many did not get the message.

ALDOT told a Birmingham City Council Committee the project is ahead of schedule earlier this week and could finish two months early, collecting a $15 million bonus. The company faces a $250,000 fine each day if there is a delay.

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