How will next week’s heavy rain impact the 59/20 bridge project?

Could rain delay 59/20 project?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Next week’s heavy rain will impact the 59/20 bridge project.

It’s been only about a month since the project started, but while most drivers are trying to cope as best they can with the detours and traffic jams, they want this project finished much sooner than expected.

However, ALDOT officials said Friday that next week’s rain will not help.

ALDOT Regional Engineer DeJarvis Leonard says next week’s rain will slow them down somewhat. It will be difficult with some of the demolition of the 59/20 bridges and concrete cannot be poured when it’s raining.

Still, Leonard says the contractor is slightly ahead of schedule when in the demolition process. The contractor has not taken into account weather days for delays.

He has 425 days to finish the project. For every day the project is late, there is a $250,000 fine. But there is a $250,000 incentive for every day the project is completed early.

Drivers at the Chevron on Carraway Blvd. want to see it done as soon as possible.

“Yes, you do, because we want to see downtown return to what it used to be. You want the traffic to end. We want them to hurry up and finish,” said Cheryl Johnson.

The contractor hopes to have all the bridges down in March. Leonard said the public should see more columns being set next week. The construction crews have been working a lot in the rain already this year and that does not seem like its going to let up.

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