Part of Carraway Boulevard shutting down for the weekend

Section of Carraway Blvd. closing Friday night

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The hits just keep coming for motorists trying to get around the 59/20 bridge shutdown in downtown Birmingham, but this time it’s for a short period and is necessary to move forward with the overall bridge project.

Carraway Boulevard is the main detour ALDOT has suggested for people getting off of and back onto 59/20.

ALDOT will be shutting down part of Carraway Boulevard from Richard Arrington Boulevard to 11th Avenue North.

ALDOT is now suggesting - just for the weekend - motorists take 24th Street to 11th and 12th Street to get around the construction work. Part of those roadways will be shutdown to allow for easy turns.

Something to keep in mind at 12th Street is there are no left turns either direction. Before the shutdown a lot of drivers were still ignoring this mandate. Bear in mind law enforcement will be on hand during rush hour.

This is the second weekend of a three-weekend transition to get the 25th Street ramps open which will be a big help to easing traffic congestion. Despite the fact a big boat show is underway at the BJCC this weekend, ALDOT says this is the best time for the work.

(Source: WBRC Staff)

“We will demolish that portion that is over Carraway this weekend. We told the contractor we would want it done over the weekend to try to get around some of the traffic during the week," said DeJarvis Leonard, Regional Engineer for ALDOT.

Leonard said people will be able to get to and from the BJCC for this weekend’s Big Boat Show, but it will be challenging, but it will again take drivers being patient.

“It will be somewhat challenging with the boat show there. Talking with the BJCC, that is not a one-time short-term event. It’s scattered during the day. Hopefully that will help some,” Leonard said.

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