Drivers not happy with I-59/20 bridge delays

I-59/20 bridge closures and unhappy drivers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Drivers are dealing with a lot of traffic and delays during the second day of the I-59/20 bridge shutdown in downtown Birmingham.

They are not happy, but they are keeping their spirits up while dealing with a lot of traffic delays around downtown as they try to get to work or to home.

The main detour route remains getting off I-59/20 to Carraway Boulevard to Finley Boulevard to get back on the interstate. This has added to the traffic on the highway.

ALDOT already knows there is a problem with this route. The lights at 11th Ave. and 12th Ave. are too close and are causing delays. They plan is to change the lights to move traffic quicker through the intersection.

Most drivers say they are seeing some issues.

“Today a 5-minute drive took me 15 minutes or 20 minutes. Traffic is very congested over here now, especially the alternative routes Richard Arrington, Vanderbelt, going through Tarrant. It’s really congested,” said Carrie Jones of Norwood.

“It’s kind of hectic out here. You got to be careful out here. It’s rainy. Traffic is backed up because of the freeway.” Garren Sanders of Bush Hills said.

“I’ve been late to work the last few days. I can tell you that," said Rigoberto Green.

ALDOT is making changes to the lights. ALDOT is still advising motorists to be patient and to possibly explore their own alternate route to cut down on their commute time.

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