ALDOT working to make adjustments for better 59/20 detour flow

I-59/20 bridge shutdown day 2

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s day two for the 59/20 bridge shutdown in downtown Birmingham. This means thousands of drivers are having to make alternative plans to get around the construction.

At ALDOT, they are pleased with the overall results so far. But they realize there are some issues keeping traffic flowing on their main detour route and they plan to address that problem.

Traffic was moving for the second day off of 59/20 to Carraway Boulevard to Finley Boulevard to get back on the the interstate. There were a couple of what is described as fender benders. ALDOT has wreckers stationed downtown and near 459 to move quickly if need be.

One big problem: The lights on Carraway Boulevard at the 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue intersections need to be synced better to allow traffic to move and not be so congested. We’re told this is being addressed.

Other than that, ALDOT is pretty pleased. “I think the positive thing is motorists have heeded to our request to look at alternate routes and they have used 459,” said ALDOT Regional Engineer DeJarvis Leonard.

Leonard said their hotline, which is manned 24/7, has been busy during the day, less so at night. If you have a question, you can call that hotline at 205-346-5080. Leonard still encourages motorists to sign up for their alerts and look at the detour maps on their website.

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