Trucking companies avoiding 59/20 bridge project

Time is money for trucking companies

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Like the rest of us, truckers have to get around all of the construction associated with the destruction of the I-59/20 bridge work in downtown Birmingham.

The project will take place over the next 14 months. Trucking companies will look at alternatives. For trucking businesses it’s matter of time, money, and safety.

You can see trucks taking the detour off of 59/20 to Carraway Boulevard. Drivers will take Finley Blvd. to get back on the interstate.

Over at Robbie D. Wood trucking company, they have been talking about the traffic problem for a while. The Hueytown company has been in the trucking business for 50 years.

The company is instructing it’s drivers to avoid downtown Birmingham and to take I-459 to get around the construction. Company owner Robbie Wood said they are worried about exposing their drivers to traffic jams, delays and their personal safety.

"Try to get through some the diversions areas downtown. It will be pretty tight. We will have a lot of trucks, long trailers in the traffic and the impatience I’m afraid we will be experiencing there. We are going to play it safe and stay on 459 and avoid downtown.” Wood said.

Wood is also advising his drivers to be patient. More traffic is expected on I-459. The city of Hoover is stepping up patrols on 459.

If you want to see detour maps, a hotline number and how to get text alerts, go to our news app and click on the Traffic Tracker.

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