Changes made to reduce traffic jams on detour routes

I-59/20 shutdown & commuting

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Well it’s not exactly D-Day but a lot of planning has gone into getting ready for the I-59/20 bridges shutdown.

ALDOT knows thousands of drivers, some 160,000, use the roadway to get downtown every day. Thousands will be coming off the interstate looking for ways around the construction.

The main detour will be coming off of I-59/20 to Carraway Boulevard. Drivers will take Finley Blvd. to get back on I-59/20 passed construction.

The City of Birmingham has been working on adjusting the red lights so it will move drivers along and to maximize the amount of green time particularly along Carraway Blvd. Extra law enforcement patrols will also be on the roads.

The demolition of the bridges should begin soon. In fact, the bridges over Carraway will come down and require Carraway Blvd. to be closed for the weekend. It’s expected to take about two months to bring down all of the bridges.

If you want to see detour maps, the hotline number, and setup text alert, go to our news app and click on the Traffic Tracker.

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