Attention: 59/20 ramps begin closing down Friday night

I-59/20 shutting down Friday night

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A word of warning if you’re going out Friday night and plan on using the Red Mountain Expressway - there will be a major change in your usual route.

The major change for drivers will be for folks who use the Red Mountain Expressway to get on 59/20. You will be able to still travel on 59/20 through downtown until Monday night at 9 p.m.

As of Friday night, you will no longer be able to take the Red Mountain Expressway northbound to the ramp that will put you on 59/20 southbound to Tuscaloosa. You could take Carraway Boulevard to Finley Boulevard to get back on 59/20.

Keep in mind: another key ramp will be shut down just for this weekend. If you are on 59/20 southbound, you will not be able to take the Red Mountain Expressway ramp southbound. You can still get off in the central business district.

On Friday, ALDOT announced another tool for getting information. They will be teaming up with the Jefferson County EMA to provide immediate information to your phone for the latest information.

“They got the cameras. They got the sensors. They know where the traffic is heavy and where the issues are at. They got all of this in their command center and so from this command center they will be pushing out these alerts to say ‘lets take an alternate route around this problem area,’” said Chris Tate with the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency.

The process is simple. Text 5920bridge to the number 888777. This will provide the latest information. Of course, you can also go to our news app and we will have all the information about how to get the alerts. Plus our news app will also have the information and alerts as needed.

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