Ambulance service during the 59/20 bridge construction

Ambulance service during the 59/20 bridge construction
Crews work on replacing the 59/20 bridge in Birmingham, Ala. (Source: WBRC Staff)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It’s a headache and a lot of folks will be taking alternate routes, but on Monday the 59/20 bridges will be closing down.

That means detours and other roadways will see a lot of traffic. Friday night at 9 p.m., the 59/20 southbound ramp off of the Red Mountain Expressway will be closed down and won’t open until the new bridges and ramps are built.

Closing down for the weekend will be the ramp to the Red Mountain Expressway from 59/20 southbound. It will re-open on Monday.

Ambulance services will be watching traffic patterns carefully. Over at Regional Paramedical Services, they have held a series of meetings to discuss alternate routes, but they really have to wait to see how motorists react next week to see where the trouble spots will be to avoid.

“We have come up with alternative routes to the best of our abilities right now but we are going to have to wait and give it a few weeks to see to see what the public does. See what they choose. Try to find alternate routes around that,” said Kyle McDonnell, District Manager for Regional Paramedical Services.

McDonnell said his crews are good at making quick decisions about the best routes to take anyway. They will be getting a lot of information about road conditions and traffic problems from ALDOT.

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