Is ALDOT ready for I-59/20 bridge shutdown?

Is ALDOT ready?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Is ALDOT ready for the detours and traffic jams that will happen when the 59/20 bridges will close on Monday around 9 p.m.?

ALDOT officials say yes, but a major ramp for motorists will not be ready by Monday.

The 25th Street ramp will not be open, which create a major issue. ALDOT said it would be two more weeks, but this major construction project has not been helped by all the recent rains.

ALDOT Regional Engineer DeJarvis Leonard remains optimistic. He still suggest motorists get educated about their new routes before hitting the road.

“We are asking motorists to remember to take the alternate routes. Identify a plan and start identifying where your route will be. You will be ready to move forward when the closure takes place,” Leonard said.

For information to learn your new route, click here, download the ALGO app or call the hotline at 205-346-5080.

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