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  COVID: Global death toll tops 3M, surge concerns

  Throwing away J&J vaccine doses

  White House: $1.7 billion to fight variants

  Vaccines, variants, breakthroughs and boosters

  Experts: Low number of 'breakthrough' cases

  Changes to UAB's open vaccination clinics

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  COVID study: Skipping middle seats reduces risk by 57%

Keeping middle seats vacant on airplanes can reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure by up to 57%, the CDC says.

  Advice for pregnant women, vaccine

With the pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a new recommendation for pregnant and postpartum women when it comes to getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

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Americans may be anxious to travel. But, if you plan to take a trip, experts say travel insurance may be the way to go.

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  CDC: What to expect at your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

Before making a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, see if COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for you right now.

  Fauci: Variants are wild card for vaccines

Dr. Anthony Fauci says breakthrough COVID-19 infections happen because no vaccine is 100%.

  Wearing a mask after vaccine

  COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations rising among youth

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