Doing Good Video

  Doing Good- Officer Harper walks the red carpet

  Doing Good at Vestavia Hills BC

  Homewood woman makes CVS receipt into scarf

  Doing Good with Dr. Klapow

  Doing Good: Yates Engineers

  Doing Good: Liz McGuire at Oak Mountain Missions

  Doing Good: Free Magic City Classic tickets

  Doing Good: Race for the Cure

  Rev. Eddie Perry 'Doing Good' for the homeless

Most Recent Video

  Doing Good: Adopt a Golden

  Doing Good: My Sister's Closet

  Doing Good with 'napkinisms'

  Teens “Doing Good” at Linn Park

  Joyful Stitchers "Doing Good"

Between the hum of sewing machines and a lot of laughter there's a group of ladies in Alabaster who are touching the lives of strangers through sewing.

  Doing Good: Red Cross Volunteer Donald Childress

Only about 3% of Americans donate blood; yet it is crucial for all of us. American Red Cross Volunteer Donald Childress knows that better than anyone.

  Doing Good: Alabama Woodworkers Guild

  VIDEO: Frank Tucci "Doing Good" at The Red Barn

Frank Tucci is what they call a "side walker" at The Red Barn in Leeds. It's part of the free horse therapy The Red Barn offers to children with disabilities.

  Doing Good: Mika Wall

Old wedding dresses, premature babies and a leap of faith. That's the foundation of Layah's Ministry for Memory Gowns founded by Mika Wall.

  Doing Good: Norton's Florist

All Norton's arrangements carry a message of love but none is more special than the arrangement called "Debby's Delight".

  Doing Good: "Turning The Arbors Blue" project

The Arbors subdivision in Moody is covered up with blue bows. There are more than a hundred mailboxes adorned with the bows which stand as a salute of support.

  Doing Good - Kidney Donor

  Doing Good: Jeff Hartley

Jeff Hartley gets emotional talking about the day he met Kevin Hill; a stranger in need of a life saving kidney.

  Alabama Cooperative Extension: Landscaping job fair

  Jeh Jeh Live: Alabama Auto Show

  Doing Good: Martha Council

If you need a free meal, a safe place or just someone to listen to you, Martha Council knows exactly where you can go.

  Doing Good: Pat Mikula

Pat Mikula is the co-founder of "Mothers Sisters and Daughters"; a prayer group that started in her home.

  Doing Good: Bradley Gilbert

Bradley Gilbert Doing Good at Homewood Flowers

  Doing Good: Tracie Mark Smith

While helping others we often heal ourselves. That's the case for Tracie Mark Smith who is "Doing Good" one box of food at a time with Grace Klein Community.

  Doing Good: Ruth Davis

Stray dogs, neglected dogs, abused dogs. They all have a friend in Ruth Davis.

  Doing Good: Lindy Cleveland

Lindy Cleveland "Doing Good" at Unless U

  Doing Good: Dr. Cameron Askew

  Doing Good: Coach Steve Sills

"Look good, feel good, do good". That's the motto Coach Steve Sills is teaching in his Career and Character Class at Homewood Middle School.

  Doing Good: Joy Craddock

  Doing Good: Sharea Dugger

  Doing Good: Ashley Taylor

  VIDEO: Christmas Decorators "Doing Good"