59/20 Shutdown

  JeffCo manager discusses traffic issues

Everyday drivers try to get to work or get their children to school on time.

I59/20 bridge project will impact certain streets beginning Monday

  Road closed due to I-59/20 bridge project

  Officials say 59/20 bridge replacement remains on schedule

  I-59/20 bridge replacement project continues impacting traffic

  I-59/20 bridge project remains on schedule

  I-59/20 bridge project construction workers experience payroll issues

Continued Coverage

  More road closures scheduled for I-59/20 bridge project

  How will next week’s heavy rain impact the 59/20 bridge project?

  ALDOT monitoring side roads, detours during 59/20 bridge project

  WATCH: Red Mountain Expressway ramp to I-59/20 demolished

  59/20 bridge project workers brave sub-freezing temps to finish on time

  Big trucks causing issues on 59/20 bridge detour

  Part of Carraway Boulevard shutting down for the weekend

The hits just keep coming for motorists trying to get around the 59/20 bridge shutdown in downtown Birmingham, but this time it’s for a short period and is necessary to move forward with the overall bridge project.

  I-59/20 bridge closure impacting truckers on I-459

59/20 bridge construction is impacting truckers who are using alternate routes.

  ALDOT working to make adjustments for better 59/20 detour flow

At ALDOT, they are pleased with the overall results so far. But they realize there are some issues keeping traffic flowing on their main detour route and they plan to address that problem.

  Meet the Texas construction company that has 14 months to compete I-59/20 bridge project

Johnson Brothers Corporation out of Texas won the bid for the project in 2017. It was about $475 million.

  Drivers not happy with I-59/20 bridge delays

  BJCC offers maps to navigate bridge closure

  I-59/20 Bridge Closure: Detour Routes

  Staying updated during 59/20 bridge closure

  Trucking companies avoiding 59/20 bridge project

  Changes made to reduce traffic jams on detour routes

  I-59/20 Shutdown starts Monday night

It’s a major change for Birmingham drivers.

Ambulance service during the 59/20 bridge construction

Ambulance services will be watching traffic patterns carefully.

  Attention: 59/20 ramps begin closing down Friday night

A word of warning if you’re going out tonight and plan on using the Red Mountain Expressway - there will be a major change in your usual route.

BJCC maps detail best way to get there during 59/20 bridge replacement project

Officials with the BJCC released animated maps Friday offering folks some details on the best alternatives available to get to the area while the 59/20 bridges are closed for replacement.

  Truckers preparing for closing of I-59/20 bridges

Trucking companies are telling their drivers to leave earlier than normal next week due to the shutdown of the I-20/59 bridges through downtown Birmingham.

  59/20 bridge project impact on school bus routes

The 59/20 bridges will be shutdown Monday night. Local school systems are keeping a close eye on traffic impact of the construction in an effort to make sure their kids get to school and home safely.

  First responders prepare for I-59/20 bridge closure

Jamiese Price talked with a Birmingham Fire Chief who says there is a plan in place for first responders .

  Is ALDOT ready for I-59/20 bridge shutdown?

The 25th Street ramp will not be open, which create a major issue. ALDOT said it would be two more weeks, but this major construction project has not been helped by all the recent rains.

  Downtown businesses hoping for the best as 59/20 bridges come down

It’s finally here. Next week, the 59/20 bridges will be shut down. Folks doing business in the area will try to do business as best they can with all of the inconvenience.

  Folks concerned about traffic ahead of 59/20 bridges coming down

Next week, ALDOT’s construction team will finally shutdown the 59/20 bridges in downtown Birmingham.

  ALDOT: I-59/20 bridges in downtown B’ham will close Monday, January 21

Officials with ALDOT confirm changes to your commute will take place within the next seven days as the closure of the Interstate 59/20 bridges in downtown Birmingham will begin on Friday, January 18 with a complete shutdown on Monday, January 21.

  ALDOT releases new maps, tips for drivers during upcoming I-59/20 bridge construction

ALDOT produced new maps for drivers to take some tips where to exit the interstate once the bridges come down.