Going to the lake? AL Power has an app for that

Smart lake app by Alabama Power

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - 50,000 people have downloaded the Smart Lakes app. Alabama Power manages and operates 14 lakes across the state, and if you're just a casual visitor or you have a second home on the lake, this app can help with any detail.

"Not only will it give you information such as generation schedules and the water levels of our lakes, but it will also give you some recreational things like the local restaurants and really help you customize your lake experience," says Katie Bolton with Alabama Power.

And if you have a lake house equipped with a smart thermostat, you can control it through the app. You can also report invasive plants on the lake and apply for a building permit. It even helps bring the fish to the fishermen.

"There is an updated map in the enhanced app that, not only will it tell you the lake level, but it also kind of dictates what some of the most popular fishing spots are on the lake," says Bolton.

They say it can take the place of several apps—like GPS, Safari and weather just to name a few.

"What better and interactive way that we provide customers than with an app that has all this information in one that they can just pop up on their phone when they're on the go," says Bolton.

Officials came up with the idea for the app after discovering that Alabama Power's lake page that shows lake levels and generation schedules was the second most visited page on their website.

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