Vehicle returned after alleged suspect contacts victim

Woman gets stolen car back from carjacker

MIDFIELD, AL (WBRC) - A Midfield woman has her car back after one of the alleged suspects contacted her on Facebook.

"He said get the (expletive) out the car," said Adrian Vandiver as she described what happened when she was carjacked with her two children and 10-month-old grandson on Friday in the Save- A- Lot parking lot in Midfield.

"He said ma, I'm trying not to hurt you, but I got to (expletive) go," she continued.

After the scary ordeal, she is safe and has her car back, but not in one piece.

"My car is destroyed and damaged. My headrests are gone."

But even getting this far took the help of social media and not the police. Her daughter posted a message online and it caught the attention of someone connected to the crime.

"He in-boxed her asking her to give him a call because he had information on the car," she continued.

"He stated he knew who had my car and they were trying to sell it and if I didn't get it then, they were going to take it to the chop shop in the morning," said Vandiver as she described the phone conversation with the alleged suspect.

After a series of Facebook messages, phone calls and texts she ended up on Birmingham's west side where she recovered her car with the help of Birmingham Police.

"If it wasn't for the Birmingham Police Department's West Precinct my car would still be missing," she said in frustration.

But she wants to the suspect in custody. She said Midfield Police aren't doing enough to see that happen. She stopped by the headquarters on Monday hoping to get her car fingerprinted.

"You all didn't come out to process my car so I'm here, so the car can be processed and the statement to me was your car is non-important to us and when he said that you made me furious," said Vandiver. "I could not believe that he felt like that when a gun was involved."

Midfield Police confirm with WBRC that they will not process the car because the car had been tainted by Vandiver driving it.

Birmingham Police said they helped recover the stolen car and Midfield PD gave them the okay to release it to the owner instead of it being towed for processing.

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