New police chief believes B'ham heading in the right direction

Chief believes crime fighting plan working

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham's new police chief believes the city is heading in the right direction combating crime.

Chief Patrick Smith has been on the job for a little more than two months. Smith has a plan to turn around crime in the city.

Chief Smith said he is making changes from within the department first. The chief has implemented a 72 hour review period where an investigator has 72 hours to investigate a case and then report to command staff on what has occurred.

The chief has combined robbery and homicide along with assault into one division.

August saw the police department close a high number of cases under those changes. "We are able to link certain robberies to certain homicides from evidence at the scene. We are able to tie suspects to certain incidents within the city. That's the whole goal - to narrow our focus down on the most violent criminals within the city," Chief Smith said.

The chief said another key part of the crimefighting plan will continue to be community support and communication. They need to have people making reports about crimes and to report any information which could be useful.

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