City council wants to tax Airbnb customers in B'ham

Airbnb rental taxes

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The city of Birmingham believes it's losing thousands of tax dollars to people renting out their homes or property to others.

On Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council sought to change that by authorizing Mayor Randall Woodfin's administration to set up a voluntary agreement with the internet renting company Airbnb.

The reason for the agreement is because there is no agreement right now for Airbnb or any other to pay these taxes owed to the city.

Airbnb has exploded in popularity. People like the idea of renting out their homes or another property for people to rent for a short term.

Members of the city council like Airbnb and companies like it. They support the ability of people being able to make money in Birmingham, but at the same time they believe the city could be losing out tax dollars which could be a lot of money.

"We can continue as those visitors come in, ride on our streets and roads. We need that tax based money from them to be able to improve our city's infrastructure," said Birmingham City Councilman John Hilliard.

The mayor's office will have about 30 days to come up with an agreement with the company.

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