New scooter rental service starts in B'ham, to the surprise of city leaders

Questions about new scooter business in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Much to the surprise of city leaders, a new electronic scooter service opened Tuesday in Birmingham.

The head of the Birmingham City Council Public Safety Committee says Bird Scooters just announced they were offering service starting Tuesday in Birmingham without any sort of approval or procedure.

The electronic scooters are popping up across the area, including in Homewood. Bird Scooters are doing this across the country. You can download an app from Bird and it will tell you how to find the scooters and let you pay for their use.

This is angering other transportation companies like taxi cabs, Uber, and Lyft which all went through a city review process first.

"We as a city want to make sure we provide as many options as possible. We want to make sure all the options are safe. We have huge concern when somebody snubs the city and the process we have in place," said Hunter Williams, Birmingham City Councilman and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

WBRC reached out to Bird for comment, but we haven't heard back. A spokesman for the city of Birmingham says they support alternative forms of transportation, but they were caught off guard by Bird opening up for business on Tuesday.

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