Midfield residents honored after stopping carjacking

Midfield residents honored after stopping carjacking

MIDFIELD, AL (WBRC) - It was a show of gratitude inside Midfield City Hall on Monday night. A small hug was shared among strangers for a big gesture displayed.

" I couldn't watch and not do something," said Tammy Cook. She was at work inside Piggly Wiggly when she heard a woman was being attacked in the parking lot, earlier this month. "All I know is a woman was on the ground being beaten and abused by a man."

That woman was 74-year-old Brenda Stinson.

Midfield Police say a man was trying to take Stinson's car and steal her money, but Cook stepped in and tried to stop him. William Daniels did the same, by holding down the man down until police arrived.

Despite their effort, Cook and Daniels said, it's Brenda Stinson, who is the hero. "She fought," said Daniels." She just needed some help," he continued.

On Monday, it was Stinson who was right by their side. She celebrated Cook and Daniels with the rest of the community.

Midfield's mayor and city council presented Cook and Daniels with plaques honoring their courage and bravery.

"I'm so thankful that he didn't have a gun. I'm blessed for that," said Stinson. "If he had a gun I would have gave him my money," she laughed.

Stinson can smile now, knowing this is all behind here. "I appreciate what they did for me and I'll never forget them," she continued.

Stinson said she plans to keep in contact with Daniels and Cook. She's also being more alert when shopping alone.

The man Midfield police say was responsible for this attack has been arrested. He faces similar charges in neighboring cities.

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