Tempers run high at Springville public hearing

Concerns over plans in Springville

SPRINGVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Springville residents attended a public hearing Monday night to express their disapproval of a 650-home development planned for the land that was once Wright Farm.

Folks made their opinions loud and clear they don't want this kind of development in their backyards.

"We've been up here since 1987. We moved up here just to get to the country setting," says Penny Hopson.

Folks in Springville like the small-town feel, and now that feeling is in jeopardy. One landowner shares property lines where the development is planned.

"We moved here from a D.R. Horton subdivision, you know the homes are all on top of each other, so we moved here to get away from that," said one homeowner.

The 300+ acres will house 653 homes and include green spaces and playgrounds.

"Biggest concern is can this city handle that many dwellings?" says Elizabeth Rybka.

It was said the city's schools are overcrowded as it is-they believe this would only add to that. Not to mention make an already bad traffic situation worse. Most of the people there tonight were for development, but not one of this magnitude.

It was clear that tempers were high. One man was escorted out of the public hearing after he shouted a reminder to a fellow speaker that he was only allowed two minutes to speak.

Moments earlier that same resident reminded councilmen to do their jobs and listen to their constituents.

"That's the only responsibility that an American elected official has in this country is to represent your citizens."

Councilman Wayne Tucker agreed.

"I'm listening to everybody and I'm surprised it ended like it did," says Tucker.

It ended with the council voting to table the vote on the zoning that would allow this development to move forward. They will vote at the next meeting in two weeks. That decision garnered an ovation from the audience.

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