Tuscaloosa County School kids use a share table to ensure classmates don’t go hungry

Tuscaloosa Share Table Program

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Kids at several Tuscaloosa County schools are helping feed their classmates and making sure food isn't being wasted.

Kids attending Brookwood Elementary School lined up to get lunch. But that's not the only way students are being fed.

"Well if kids are hungry, they aren't going to learn on an empty stomach," Donette Worthy, Director of Childhood Nutrition told WBRC.

Brookwood Elementary is one of several Tuscaloosa County Schools using a share table.

"The concept of a share table is where if you have a child, who lets say doesn't want their apple that day and they're not going to eat it, you can put it on our share table where other kids can get that apple," Worthy added.

This particular share table has several bottled drinks as well as fresh fruit.

"Any child can come up to it. They don't even have to purchase a lunch from us. They can be one of our lunch box kids," she explained.

The program has been available in the school system for at least three years. Kids can also share pre-prepared, unopened cafeteria food too.

"It's successful cause it's kids helping kids. Really if you think about it. Our students are helping each other be successful," Worthy concluded.

The share table program is current;y running in fewer than 10 Tuscaloosa County Schools. But they're hoping to expand the program.

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