This week is the best time to buy Thanksgiving plane tickets

Best time to book holiday travel tickets

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It may be too early to think about eating turkey and dressing, but it's the perfect time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving travel plans.

Travel experts say the week of August 27 is the best time to purchase that airline ticket.

And the best day to buy is this coming Friday, August 31.

"Your average savings is going to average between seven and eleven percent typically," says Ed Phillips with ADTRAV Travel Management.

He says once you get fifty days or closer to a holiday, prices really start to soar.

"So on average, you're going to see between a three and a seven percent increase each week once you get inside the fifty days," said Phillips.

While the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving may be your preferred time to fly, ti's also the most expensive.

Tuesday, Friday, and sometimes Saturday tend to be cheaper. And you might consider the holiday itself--as most folks want to be to their destination by then.

So the airlines are going out half empty and they're going to be adjusting their prices accordingly," Phillips says.

He suggests comparing prices with nearby cities, but realize realize the Magic City is in a good travel space right now.

"For the Birmingham area in particular, we're seeing improved lift, more flights going out and with fuel prices low right now, the airfares are staying reasonable," said Phillips.

If don't have the money right now to purchase your ticket, Phillips says there are some new companies that will allow you to make payments on a ticket - almost like a layaway plan.

He also suggest using websites like Google Flights that will alert you when the price of a flight changes when they either go up or down.

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