Springville votes to table zoning for new subdivision

Concerns over plans in Springville

SPRINGVILLE, AL (WBRC) - The Springville City Council has voted to table zoning discussions for a new subdivision.

The area off Village Springs Road is where a developer wants to build a 650 home subdivision. The city recently annexed the property into the city limits.

Those who live in Springville and Saint Clair County are watching this project very carefully.

"The schools especially. The schools are already pretty crowded. I don't have any children in school but I live on Main Street. I see the traffic back up. So that is one of the concerns," Jacqueline Wise of Springville said.

People in the area are concerned about the impact on the schools with more students in those schools.

"The schools are the first concern. That's why people move to Springville, their children's education," Cherry Hipp of St. Clair County said.

City Attorney James Hill said Springville wants to control the growth of the subdivision. Currently, the city is limiting construction to 75 homes a year. Greenspace will be mandated, along with a clubhouse.

"I want Springville to grow but I want it to be controlled," Wise said.

The city has hired an engineering company to look at traffic demands as more homes are added. There is also concern that an influx of too many people may alter the character of the city.

"This town. It's just like a big family. It's a clique but it's true," Hipp said.

If the rezoning is approved the project moves forward, but it's unlikely any homes will be available for sale until late 2019.

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