Parents complain about Tuscaloosa Co. school conditions, Superintendent responds

Parents Concerned About School Conditions

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Parents are voicing their concerns about the conditions of some Tuscaloosa County schools. Quite a few parents whose children attend Matthews Elementary School and Collins-Riverside Middle School have complained about what they call poor conditions at both schools.

Both school buildings are some of the oldest in the school district. Parents site A.C. problems, sewage issues, litter piles and hanging window screens at Collins-Riverside and more.

Superintendent Dr. Walter Davie said many of the district school buildings are older and they do their best to fix maintenance issues right away. However parents question why more isn't being done to find permanent solutions now.

"But it's not being kept up. As far as repairs I'm afraid it might be beyond putting a patch her and there," We feel systematically unheard, we feel like our voice is not important and we don't feel like they are speaking for our children," said Cheyenne Martin whose child goes to Collins-Riverside.

"Collins-Riverside and Matthews are both structurally sound. Yes, in a building that old you do have problems from time to time... I will also say facilities are an important part, but it's what goes on inside the building that's a lot more important," said Davie.

Superintendent Davie encourages parents to come out to the budget meeting Monday at 4 p.m. at Duncanville Middle School to get a better idea of where they stand with finances for the schools.

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