Vital moves that could save your life if you’re attacked

How to defend yourself during an attack

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Experts say that attackers seek out women in vulnerable situations by catching them off guard when a women is running and probably not carrying a weapon.

We took a self-defense class learning moves that are taught to police officers and soldiers for when they are left without a weapon. The idea here is to turn the tables and make your attacker the one that's caught off-guard.

David Hall, owner of Agoge gym, says that learning to fight off an attacker is just as much mental work as it is physical and that women have to think about what they would do and how they would react before you are put in that situation.

If you are attacked while on a walk or run with no weapons thankfully you already have everything you need on your body to defend yourself. David McLough with Central Alabama Firearms says utilizing this course teaches you just that.

"It teaches you how to defend yourself so you can get away it is inflicting pain and harm to an individual that is trying to harm you," he said.

Hall adds: "It is what do I have available what is in front of me and what is vulnerable and what weapons do I have to bear against that vulnerability."

You can use your forehead, elbows, feet, knees, anything to strike your attacker. Striking your attacker on the side of the neck will buy you some time.

"The side of the hand or the forearm and either on one side or the other causes a nerve stun and disrupts the nervous system can d rop someone in a heartbeat," Hall said.

Striking them in the temple, the groin, right between the collar bones. their eyes, and even their ears.

"It doesn't take a lot of pressure to pull the ears off, so you can literally put someone's ears off," Hall said.

If your attacker grabs you by the arm your instinct would be to pull away but you actually want to lean in. That gives you leverage then you just find the gap between the thumb and four fingers and pull you wrist out through the gap.

Try to avoid strike the attacker with your fist. Instead use the bottom part of the palm of your hand that will cause more pain and try to strike them in the nose pushing upward.

If someone grabs you from behind wrapping their arm around your neck this is a dangerous position to be in.

"You only have 5 to 8 seconds before you go unconscious," McLough said.

First thing you want to do in move your chin down to make room for breathing. Then start pulling fingers back as far as you can trying to break them. Then you want to grab the attackers wrist and elbow and turn into your attacker this catches them off guard and gives you an opportunity to strike them and run away.

It is all about staying focus and using every advantage you have in that moment. Studies show that 75 percent of attacks end and the attacker runs away when the victims fight back.

If you are interested in taking this course call the Central Alabama Firearms to set up your class.

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