Xanax leading to unintentional overdoses

Xanax leading to unintentional overdoses

SHELBY COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - It's a class of drugs usually used for treating anxiety, but over the last decade the amount overdoses from Xanax has quadrupled.

This has some doctors saying this is just as much of an epidemic as opioids.

Drug enforcement task say that here in the Birmingham metro area they are seeing these types of drugs causing majority of the unintentional overdoses.

Captain Clay Hammac with Shelby County Sheriff Department say it is a growing problem.

"We see young adults and even students in some cases more susceptible to the idea of experimenting with the idea casually," Capt. Hammac said.

Prescription or no prescription, users are not aware of the consequences that come with taking this drug and are becoming addicted fast or worse.

"Mixing benzodiazepine with alcohol we have seen over and over again as a recipe for tragedy," he said.

For some people, this can be a life-changing medication if it is taken appropriately, but if not, it can be fatal even for those that are prescribed to it.

"My warning would be that make sure you are spending the appropriate amount of time and asking the right questions with your pediatrician or your family doctor," Capt. Hammac said.

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