Huge hog spotted In Jefferson County neighborhood, again

Huge hog spotted in subdivsion

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - On Monday afternoon, Shekita Key's husband sent her a text.

"You're not going to believe what's in the yard," it said.

He then sent a picture. Key was in shock.

"I said, 'You are kidding me'," she recalls.

A huge hog - she guesstimates it weighs about 400 pounds - was sitting in her front yard.

"It didn't bother anything - my yard, my trash can. It was just chilling, I guess. It was just like it was my guard dog," Key said.

Key lives in the Windsor Parc subdivision off Morgan Road, where just last month another neighbor spotted what appeared to be the same hog.

The same month, some men captured a huge pig rummaging in a trash can in nearby Lipscomb.

Key admits she's terrified. And her husband? "He says he's going to kill it, but I think he's going to run with me," she said, laughing.

This is their first home together and they love the neighborhood, so moving is not an option.

They've contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, but the animal is too large for them to address.

So wildlife experts would have to handle the matter.

"I just want them to get it under control cuz it's dangerous and I don't want to fear coming out and seeing it because I'm going to run," Key said. "Ain't no telling what I'd do, so I just want them to get it under control."

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