Woman accused of stealing funeral donations from Brookwood gas station

Caught on camera: Donations stolen

BROOKWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Police in Tuscaloosa County are trying to find a woman seen on surveillance video apparently stealing donations for the dead.

Brookwood police say the woman took money from a safe after crawling under the counter. A few seconds later, she swipes cigarettes. Then afterwards, she is seen taking money from a donation jar. Money meant to help pay for Adam Black's funeral. He recently passed away from cancer.

Brookwood police tell us this happened on August 15 at the Shell station in Brookwood.

"It took a whole month to bury the man and she should have never stolen from him," said Amanda Hallman, a cashier at the Shell station.

Hallman knew Black well. She says he it would come to the store almost every day.

"He would take out our trash for us. He would help us if we had any problems around the store. Fill up our ice. He was really good," Hallman said.

Brookwood police say the woman in the video is Amanda Green. After she took the donations, you can see her walking aimlessly around the store.

"A normal person would never steal from anybody - much less the dead," Hallman added.

We showed the video to customers. Darius Lang says there's a special place for people who would do something like this.

"Sickening - very sickening - for a person to do something like that. You got to be completely lowdown. Lowdown. No heart," Lang said.

Police want to talk to another cashier who was working that night who knows Green. They believe she may have been in cahoots in Green. The owner of the store tells me when they confronted the woman with the video, she didn't come back to work.

Brookwood Police tell us they are in the process of obtaining arrest warrants in the case.

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