Birmingham PD making changes, clearing cases

More homicide cases solved

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham's new police chief Patrick Smith has been on the job for two months but some of the changes he has made in the department might be making a difference.

In the month of August, there have been ten homicides so far and officers have made arrests in five of those.

They also tell us they have suspects in other cases with warrants being sought. "Just in August, we have been able to solve more of the homicides than we have in the past. It's due to increased personnel. The creation of the Robbery Homicide Division," said Lt. Scott Thurmond.

Two of the four precincts of the police department have also gone to ten hour shifts. "The other two will be going in the next four weeks. So what that is doing there is four ten hour shifts at each precinct allows for overlapping coverage," said Thurmond.

The head of the Birmingham City Council's Public Safety Committee says a unified effort is helping. "The entire leadership in Birmingham is united as one team. We are focused on trying to reduce violent crime within the city. Trying to prevent it where we can," said Birmingham City Councilor Hunter Williams.

Williams said the public must still help and overcome the "no snitch" attitude. He also says more Changes are coming. Smith wants to see improvements with the department's technology equipment. It's hoped it will also lead to a reduction in crime.

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