Two Tuscaloosa City Schools awarded money for improving literacy rates

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Statistics from the Literacy Council of West Alabama show about 1 in 4 Alabamians is illiterate.

So school districts across the state continue to make efforts to improve literacy rates.

The Alabama State Department of Education set aside $1 million and recognized 50 schools for making big reading gains on the third grade level.

Tuscaloosa City Schools had two schools on that list.

Verner Elementary and Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools Elementary both received $20,000 each from the state because of their third graders showing huge improvements in reading on the last state test.

Verner Elementary principal said the amount of reading, the strategies that the teachers use, the motivation that the children have, and parent involvement are all a part of their literacy efforts.

"We know that reading is crucial for our children to be successful in school and once they get out of school ," said Beth Curtis Verner Elementary School Principal.

Verner Elementary plans to use the money to support more reading programs at the school.

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